Corporate America

NU er den nye skatteplan for USA ved at blive endelig klargjort til underskrivelse af præsidenten.
Dette er uden overdrivelse det mest lysende eksempel på, hvordan et samfund og et vestlig demokrati demonteres indefra.
USA´s forenede stater er blevet til Corporate America.

USA er gået fra demokrati til oligarki

Nedenstående er taget fra Robert Reich´s facebook:
(Robert Reich er bl.a. tidligere arbejdsminister i Clintons regering, nu økonomiprofessor på Berkely University).

Make no mistake.

The oligarchs (Koch brothers, Mercers, Wilks, Waltons, Deasons, Schwabs, Neugebauers, Murdochs, Griffins, Ricketts, etc.) are now in charge of the U.S. government.
The views of most Americans (75 percent of whom are against the tax cut, for example) no longer matter.
This was the oligarch’s deal with the devil (Trump) from the start: Get us a huge tax cut, use the resulting deficit to justify cutting Medicare and Social Security, and get rid of environmental and financial regulations. In return, we’ll finance you, we’ll back your allies in the GOP, and we’ll mount PR campaigns on your behalf that magnify your lies. Hell, we’ll even make you look like a populist.
Over half the money contributed in the 2016 came from just 158 families, along with the companies they own or control. More than 50 of these people are on the Forbes list of America’s richest billionaires. 64 of them made their fortunes in finance (hedge fund and private equity). 17 in energy, mostly oil and gas. 15 in real estate and construction (the Trumps, for example). 10 in technology.
These American oligarchs don’t have to worry about whether Social Security or Medicare will be there for them in their retirement because they’ve put away huge fortunes.
They don’t worry about climate change because they don’t live in homes that might succumb to hurricanes or wildfires.
They don’t care about public schools because their families don’t attend them.
They don’t care about public transportation because they don’t use it.
Truth to tell, they don’t even care that much about America, because their personal and financial interests are global.
They are living in their own separate society, and they want people who will represent them, not the rest of us.

The Republican Party is their vehicle. Fox News is their voice. Trump is their champion.